Pluto Pepe
Pepe is reach $PLUTO come soon. Home planet of Pepe is waiting to arrival. $PLUTO is fuel for Pepe journey. Together make Pepe mission has success.

PepeSwap Dex, Governance & Games

Simple Difference Between $PLUTO and $PEPE

  1. $PLUTO is the store of value, it makes paperhands cry
  2. $PEPE is the transactional layer, it lets you play games and engage with PepeSwap


$PLUTO is tied directly to Pepe’s journey from Earth to Pluto. $PLUTO has a high per transaction tax, aggressive burn schedule, and a strong focus on…

PlutoPepe Roadmap Update

The $PEPE AirDrop

A snapshot of the blockchain was taken at 4:20pm EST on May 16th for the $PEPE Airdrop. The total reward for someone who is holding at least 1 million $PLUTO and 0.30 $PlutoLP tokens receive 2,100 $PEPE tokens

  • 420 $PEPE Tokens are allocated per $PLUTO Holder with at least 1…

Pluto Pepe

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