$PEPE Airdrop and Release Timeline

$Pluto Airdrop Inbound!

The $PEPE AirDrop

A snapshot of the blockchain was taken at 4:20pm EST on May 16th for the $PEPE Airdrop. The total reward for someone who is holding at least 1 million $PLUTO and 0.30 $PlutoLP tokens receive 2,100 $PEPE tokens

  • 420 $PEPE Tokens are allocated per $PLUTO Holder with at least 1 million coins
  • 1680 $PEPE Tokens are allocated per $PLUTO LP Holder with at least 0.30 LP Tokens

$PEPE Release Timeline

  1. On May 16th the snapshot was taken confirming which token holders qualified for the AirDrop
  2. On May 17th we released the announcement of the plan for $PEPE.
  3. On May 18th we will deploy OPERATION MARS: Not a drill. All hands on deck, this is not a drill. Every Pluto crewmate is part of the mission experience. We’ve recruited a few special agents with strong influence throughout the galaxy to aid in our mission 😈.
  4. By May 23rd the $PEPE token contract will go live and tokens will be distributed to early crewmates, but it won’t be officially tradable yet.
  5. By May 30th PepeSwap will be announced and a timeline will be published.

More about Pepe: “$PEPE: the Transactional Currency for Residents of $PLUTO”

$PEPE’s Place in the System

PepeSwap Dex — Home to the REAL SHIT coins?

  • A decentralized exchange focused on rewarding liquidity providers and providing a friendly, easy to use interface for swapping tokens in the PlutoPepe ecosystem and beyond.
  • High APY Liquidity Farming (invest in the power of the internet/stupidity/memes) will be available to early liquidity suppliers on the Dex. Speeding up the adoption of the platform while amply rewarding early contributors.
  • Built in games and governance

PlutoGovernance — The Pluto Foundation

  • Take a seat in mission control and help steer the ship. Providing Liquidity to PepeSwap will allow you to earn PlutoVote tokens that grant you the specific right to vote on Pepe’s decisions in the storyline, as well as vote on other aspects of all tokens in the PlutoPepe Ecosystem.

Double Or Nothing — Gamifying $PEPE

  • PepeSwap will come with built in games allowing token holders to go head to head with others in a double or nothing, 50:50 odds game. Both players put 10 $PEPE into a pot and the winner gets the whole pot while the loser gets nothing.





Pepe is reach $PLUTO come soon. Home planet of Pepe is waiting to arrival. $PLUTO is fuel for Pepe journey. Together make Pepe mission has success.

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Pluto Pepe

Pluto Pepe

Pepe is reach $PLUTO come soon. Home planet of Pepe is waiting to arrival. $PLUTO is fuel for Pepe journey. Together make Pepe mission has success.

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