$PEPE: the Transactional Currency for Residents of $PLUTO

$PepeSwap Dex, Governance & Games!

Simple Difference Between $PLUTO and $PEPE

  1. $PLUTO is the store of value, it makes paperhands cry
  2. $PEPE is the transactional layer, it lets you play games and engage with PepeSwap


$PLUTO is tied directly to Pepe’s journey from Earth to Pluto. $PLUTO has a high per transaction tax, aggressive burn schedule, and a strong focus on redistribution. These mechanisms punish sellers (aka paper hands) while simultaneously rewarding holders. This limits a holder’s desire to move or sell their $PLUTO (aka diamond hands).

$PEPE on the other hand is the native currency used by Plutonians. $PEPE has powerful use cases. It will power the upcoming PepeSwap Dex, enable voting through tokens, and enable users to play games that can earn them more $PEPE.

$PEPE’s Place in the System

PepeSwap Dex — Home to the best meme coins

  • A decentralized exchange focused on rewarding liquidity providers and providing a friendly, easy to use interface for swapping tokens in the PlutoPepe ecosystem and beyond.
  • High APY Liquidity Farming (invest in the power of the internet, memes, and apes) will be available to early liquidity suppliers on the dex. Speeding up the adoption of the platform while amply rewarding early contributors.
  • Built in games and governance

PlutoGovernance — The Pluto Council

  • Take a seat in mission control and help steer the ship. Providing Liquidity to PepeSwap will allow you to earn PlutoVote tokens that grant you the specific right to vote on Pepe’s decisions in the storyline, as well as vote on other aspects of the PlutoPepe Ecosystem.

Double Or Nothing — Gamifying $PEPE

  • PepeSwap will come with built in games allowing token holders to go head to head with others in a double or nothing, 50:50 odds game. Both players put 10 $PEPE into a pot and the winner gets the whole pot while the loser gets nothing.

Buying/Earning $PEPE


This means $PEPE can only be purchased with and sold for $PLUTO:

  • $PLUTO and $PEPE are intrinsically bonded by the threads of fate
  • This rewards $PLUTO holders further as they’re incentivized for holding as the $PEPE economy grows.

$PEPE will be exclusively available on our upcoming DEX, nowhere else.

$PEPE will be earnable through the games available on the DEX.

$Pluto/$Pepe Tokenomics

Total Supply: 690 million

Emission Rate: 6.9 $PEPE per block

Starting Price: 1 $PEPE = 10,000 $PLUTO

From Mission Control: “We’re proud that crewmates around the world are joining our novel “choose your own adventure” experience, built on PlutoPepe’s next generation protocol. The PlutoPepe tech stack represents access to an exciting form of governance through storytelling and the Pluto token, enabled by Binance Smart Chain, is a way to hop onto Pepe’s rocket for the journey. Pepe fits into the narrative as the national currency for Plutonians. As a currency designed for usage and utility it’s designed to be used for games and to interact with the Dex, along with submitting votes on Pepe’s decisions. We’re excited to partner with preeminent financial firms, strategic organizations, and influential individuals to further fuel Pepe’s search for intergalactic love at a particularly exciting time of growth for PlutoPepe and the entire industry.”

Plutopepe Suit meme by Frank Abignale from our Telegram!




Pepe is reach $PLUTO come soon. Home planet of Pepe is waiting to arrival. $PLUTO is fuel for Pepe journey. Together make Pepe mission has success.

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Pluto Pepe

Pluto Pepe

Pepe is reach $PLUTO come soon. Home planet of Pepe is waiting to arrival. $PLUTO is fuel for Pepe journey. Together make Pepe mission has success.

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