$Pluto IDO raises 420BNB ($280k USD) to Fuel Pepe’s Search for Intergalactic Love

A new DeFi Binance Smart Chain project called $PLUTO has already welcomed 2,500 “crewmates” to Pepe’s mission control team. Join along Pepe’s journey to return home and reunite with his true love on $PLUTO, through a community driven story tied to a fair launch, passive-yield, censorship resistant and forever deflationary token. The story launched May 7 with a decentralized 420BNB presale, raising over $280k in funding to help Pepe find his intergalactic love. Executed as an initial decentralized offering, the entire funding process is recorded on the blockchain. The 420BNB raise is particularly notable among the recent surge of low market tokens on DxSale that often only commit 20–40 BNB. The impressive raise establishes a strong liquidity foundation that prevents whale manipulation and rug pulls.

The first of its kind, $PLUTO ties a narrative to universal basic income (UBI) driven by the community that collaborates on a “choose-your-own-adventure” model of governance to propel Pepe across the galaxy and earn $PLUTO and PlutoPepe Tokens ($PEPE) in return. Vote on major network decisions disguised as plot points on Pepe’s adventure to improve the network in a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). With enough $PEPE, Pluto’s national currency, you unlock free airdrops, bonus NFPs (Non-Fungible Pepes), and the ability to vote on Pepe’s decisions.

The $PLUTO Protocol is a BEP-20 token that uses algorithms to generate automatic gas-less yield rewards. $PLUTO incentivizes holding tokens while stabilizing the price through automatically generating liquidity, providing a strong price floor. Also by systematically burning tokens the circulating supply dwindles, just like Pepe’s rocket fuel, and helps strengthen the price floor further by alleviating sell pressure.

$PLUTO is a realistic moonshot with built-in automatic market making mechanisms that guarantee an ever-lasting baseline liquidity (basically a price floor) that inches higher on each trade executed. The tokenomics are designed to make $PLUTO hyper deflationary against fiat currencies with autoburn mechanism and scheduled burns when certain milestones in the network are met, such as planet landings.

To accelerate mainstream adoption of the $PLUTO/$PEPE ecosystem, the team is focused on commercializing its industry leading platforms as distribution channels for other upstart DeFi protocols, catalyzing the convergence of traditional and decentralized finance. As an example, the Pluto Pepe command team roadmapped a token swap feature that enables users to access the largest selection of tokens at competitive prices, bypassing congested transaction queues on platforms like Pancakeswap.

From Mission Control: “When we set out to raise a presale, it was important to us to intentionally construct a diverse and organic holder table, aligned with our belief in the power of the decentralized internet. We’re proud that crewmates around the world are joining our novel “choose your own adventure” experience, built on Pluto/Pepe’s next generation protocol. The Pluto Pepe tech stack represents access to a new DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), Pepe Foundation and the deflationary Pluto token enabled by decentralized protocols like Binance Smart Chain. We’re excited to partner with preeminent financial firms and strategic organizations to further fuel Pepe’s search for intergalactic love at a particularly exciting time of growth for Pluto Pepe and the entire industry.“




Pepe is reach $PLUTO come soon. Home planet of Pepe is waiting to arrival. $PLUTO is fuel for Pepe journey. Together make Pepe mission has success.

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Pluto Pepe

Pluto Pepe

Pepe is reach $PLUTO come soon. Home planet of Pepe is waiting to arrival. $PLUTO is fuel for Pepe journey. Together make Pepe mission has success.

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